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Become an Orangutan Life Saver and help save orangutans!

Its simple and affordable meaning everyone can help save orangutans. For only $2 you help us to provide the best possible care we can for
the hundreds of orangutans we provide sanctuary to – just click on the film below and see what your support contributes to.

Join our Orangutan Life Savers today and we will send you a free #OrangutanLifeSavers e-certificate, especially for you.

Want to do even more? You can become an orange Orangutan Life Saver! All you have to do is set up your own personal fundraiser for orangutans and support us further. We can help you with ideas for your event and it might be something you want to do with your school, office or community group. Send our Fundraising team an email today or download our fundraising pack linkxxxxxx and get started!


Help protecting the Borneo Orangutans

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