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Amidst all the busy work of the third post-release activity and also the preparation of the 67th Indonesian Independence celebration, the BOS Foundation in Nyaru Menteng conducted blood donation activity in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross in Central Kalimantan. This was the second time Nyaru Menteng conducted such activity. The first time was in May 2012 and we collected 18 units of blood.

The activity started at 9 am and lasted throughout the day. Various divisions in Nyaru Menteng participated and sent their representatives. The Babysitter Division sent 7 people. Technicians - 8 people. Medical Staff - 4 people. Security and Kitchen - 1 person each. A total of 21 bags were collected from 27 participants. 6 people failed to donate blood because after a health check, they were found with low blood hemoglobin and some indicated typhoid.

"Blood stock at the Indonesian Red Cross in Central Kalimantan is very low at the moment, especially after the fasting month of Ramadhan," explained Andik, the Head of Blood Transfusion Unit in Palangka Raya.

"We are very grateful to friends from the BOS Foundation who are willing to donate blood today, which we will use to replenish our stock. Hopefully this cooperation can continue," added Andik.

Unfortunately, not all staff could participate in the activity because some of them were on duty at different work locations or simply could not abandon their work. The ones who did participate also had to take turns. But we are glad that the activity went smoothly.

Nyaru Menteng Program Manager, Anton Nurcahyo hopes that this becomes a regular activity, which is planned to be conducted every 3 months and coordinated by the Communications and Education Division. Thank you and salute to all staff of the BOS Foundation who have donated their blood in this activity.

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