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Join Us in Securing a Future for Every Orangutan!

Orangutans play a crucial role as gardeners of the forest. As they move through their habitat, they consume fruits and vegetation, dispersing seeds in their droppings. This process helps in the regeneration of the forest, contributing to its biodiversity and overall health. Through their foraging and nesting behaviors, orangutans play a key role in maintaining the delicate balance of the ecosystem and it is our responsibility to ensure they can return to their forest homes.

Why Forest School Matters:

In our journey to rehabilitate orphaned orangutans, the Forest School stands as a beacon of hope. Here, human surrogate mothers play a pivotal role in nurturing these young orangutans, teaching them essential skills for survival in the wild. Moving our facilities to NM2 marks a pivotal moment in our mission to secure a brighter future for these gardeners of the forest. This relocation is not just a change of address; it signifies a strategic move towards creating a sanctuary where orangutans can thrive and learn essential skills for survival in the wild.

NM2 offers a unique peat swamp ecosystem, teeming with biodiversity and natural resources. This environment provides an ideal setting for our Forest School, where orangutans can learn and grow amidst the beauty of nature. The diverse flora and fauna of the peatswamp serve as a natural playground, allowing young orangutans to develop crucial survival skills in a safe and nurturing environment.

One of the essential benefits of the NM2 location is the opportunity to enhance the infrastructure of our Forest School. We plan to construct a boardwalk that will traverse the peat swamp, providing access to remote areas for our supporting teams. This elevated pathway will not only facilitate observation and research but also ensure the safety of both orangutans and surrogate mothers. 

Furthermore, the relocation to NM2 necessitates constructing a surrogate mother building. The building will be used by the surrogate mothers to change into and out of their working clothes, prepare supplies for the forest school students, and will serve as an observation point for orangutans in the playground. Supporting the development of the NM2 Forest School is crucial for the future of orangutan rehabilitation. Your contributions will play a vital role in the construction of the boardwalk and surrogate mother facilities, ensuring that orangutans receive the best possible care and education as they prepare for life in the wild. Together, we can create a sanctuary where orangutans can thrive and flourish. 

Your Support Makes a Difference:

By rallying behind our cause, you become an indispensable part of the orangutans' journey. Your generosity will not only fund the construction of boardwalks that will provide vital access to the Forest School but also the development of a new building for surrogate mothers. With your help, we can create a nurturing environment where every orangutan receives the care they deserve and provide these surrogate mothers with the facilities they need to continue their valuable work. 

How You Can Help:

Together, We Hold the Key to Their Future:

In our hands lies the power to shape the destiny of orangutans. Let us stand united in our commitment to their conservation, ensuring that each and every one of them has the opportunity to thrive in the wild. Join us as we pave the way to a brighter future for orangutans and the planet we share.


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