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Himba’s condition is getting better. Traces of the severe burns that he suffered are no longer visible, replaced by a healthy and beautiful new skin.He also looks a lot cheerful. Himba loves to drink milk and because of that, he has gained considerable weight.Now weighing 5.4 kg,he’s a little bit overweight for a 9-month-old baby orangutan. The Nyaru Menteng team is planning to put her on soya milk instead of formula, so he will be healthier!

At the moment, Himba is still on one-on-one care from a babysitter. Today, he has gained more confident and started to wander (on the ground) on his own, up to 1 meter away from his babysitter. Soon, the team is going to encourage him to learn to climb in small trees.
It is hopeful that Himba will leave the quarantine by the end of December and will be able to join the nursery group. Unfortunately, Himba does not have any friend his age (peers), but there are Joan and Ben who probably will be a good brother and sister to him.

Text by: BOS Foundation  Communication Team 

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