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If you are a journalist or other media professional who wants to tell a powerful story about our work, here's what you need to know to get started.

Our Guidelines below explain the application process and formal framework for journalists, filmmakers, photographers, and social influencers that wish to visit our programs to report on a story:

Please also read our Ethical Guidelines & Code of Conduct before filling out and submitting the form above to

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are not an Indonesian national and intend to report about our work in Indonesia you need to apply for a Journalist visa which can take weeks to be issued and is not guaranteed.

You must apply at the embassy or consulate-general closest to your country of residence. Contact the embassy or consulate-general before you submit your application for further information.

We advise not to make final travel plans until you have received confirmation that your permit and visa has been approved.

If you do not need to collect the materials yourself and instead would like to use our team's media assets, you can read more about the process on the 'Using Our Content' page.


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