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Orangutans have distinctive personalities and unique physical characteristics that make it easy for those who work with them every day to tell individuals apart from one another. Their body size, facial features, and personalities are a few of the indicators our technicians use to identify orangutans at the Samboja Lestari Rehabilitation Centre. 

Kikan is a 17-year-old female orangutan who has been living on Island #5 for two years. Previously, Kikan had been inhabiting Juq Kehje Swen Island, but due to illness, she had to be returned to the Samboja Lestari Rehabilitation Centre for treatment. At first, Kikan acted quite aloof on Island #5; she seemed to enjoy sitting alone on the feeding platform, just watching the world - and our team - go by.On Island #5, Kikan lives with a male orangutan named Romeo and another female named Fani. In the past year, Kikan has slowly become more sociable and has started spending more time with Fani. The two females now often eat together on the feeding platform, with Kikan always following wherever Fani goes. When Romeo approaches, the two quickly stick together to keep Romeo at bay. 

The growing relationship between Kikan and Fani has had a positive impact on Kikan. Whenever she is playing with Fani, she hardly ever descends to the forest floor, preferring instead to dangle from the tire ropes installed across Island #5. Also, a change in the health of Kikan's hair is very noticeable compared to how it was when she first set foot on the island. Her hair now looks straighter, shinier, and as beautiful as Fani's lovely locks, albeit not as long. It almost appears as if Fani, who is well known for her stunning hair, has passed on her beauty secrets to Kikan!

What a wonderful influence Fani has had on Kikan! Her hair looks positively gorgeous now, after spending more time in the trees and branches. Well done, Fani for providing a great example for Kikan to follow. We can’t wait to see Kikan’s hair grow as long as her mentor’s! 

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