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The latest observations carried out by the Monitoring Team have provided some great insights into how our orangutans, including Acul, Mayang, Yayang and Sayang, Leke, Hamzah and Casey are all progressing.

Whilst the Team was conducting their daily patrols in the Gunung Belah area, they heard a long-call. The sound came from the east and the Team quickly followed in that direction and soon found a fresh orangutan nest. The Team continued searching and finally located two orangutans: cheek-padded male Acul, who had been undetected since he was released six months ago, together with female Mayang. On the day of Acul’s release, the Team had only managed to observe him for four hours before he successfully gave them the slip, so it was great to see him looking so well.

As soon as Acul and Mayang saw the team, Acul climbed rapidly higher into the trees while kiss-squeaking, breaking tree branches and throwing them at the Team. Respectful of Acul’s clear dislike of their presence the Team then moved away to find a place to observe him from a distance. Meanwhile, Mayang  also moved away and it was impossible for our team to catch up with her.

Acul spent his time in the trees. He looked healthy with much longer hair, large laryngeal pouches and cheek pads. His appearance is a huge improvement to how he looked six months ago when he was released into Kehje Sewen.

Soon after, the Team observed some other orangutans around Acul. They recognized Yayang-Sayang, Leke, Lesan, and Hamzah. At around 13.00 Acul built a day nest in which to rest. A little later, Leke approached his nest and Acul got up and moved towards her. Seemingly Leke then changed her mind and moved further away. The days observation ended early evening when Acul made his night nest.

Meeting the Dashing, Acul (Photo credit: Arif)

Meeting the Dashing, Acul (Photo credit: Bariyo)

Meeting the Dashing, Acul (Photo credit: Agus)

Meeting the Dashing, Acul (Photo credit: Awal)

The next day, the Team returned to the area where they had left Acul. He was still there and busy feeding in the trees together with Yayang and Sayang. They seemed very at ease in each others company. Yayang has started to let her child Sayang play on her own and the team observed Sayang playing with Lesan and sometimes also with Acul, Mayang, Yayang.

Meanwhile, Leke was found along our Phenology transect in Gunung Belah while she was feeding. The next morning, the Team found her still at the same location, but this time Hamzah was also around and the two spent time together.

Lesan, Casey and Hamzah are often observed together. This time, the Team found them along transect Wani transect in Gunung Belah. They had formed a close little group, playing and eating together in a same tree. Their closeness to each other is not surprising considering they were released into Kehje Sewen in a same group back in April 2012.

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