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If you are a researcher or student with a research project that involves conservation, forestry management, or other relevant areas of study, consider collaborating with our organisation. Our staff are eager to assist with your research needs.

Research is a key element of our conservation work. With our partners in science and research, we have ongoing projects that both expand our scientific knowledge and provide educational opportunities in our workplaces.

Our Guidelines below give an overview of our programs and highlights potential research opportunities within our organisation. It also provides an overview of our research project application procedures.

Please also read our Ethical Guidelines & Code of Conduct before filling out and submitting the form above to

IMPORTANT NOTE : If you are not an Indonesia national and intend to conduct your research on-the-ground in Indonesia, you will need to apply for a Foreign Research Permit which can take months to be issued and is not guaranteed. Contact the embassy or consulate-general in your country of residence before you submit your application for further information.

We work with a wide network of national and international partners, across a set of projects. This provides a fertile environment from which to better understand the inner workings of orangutans and habitat conservation.


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