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Signing of a Joint Work between BOSF & Murung Raya Regency

Recently, we have again taken another important step towards building a long-term collaboration effort with the local government of the Murung Raya Regency for orangutan release activities. On Thursday, September 27, 2012 in Puruk Cahu, in the office of the Regent of Murung Raya, we conclusively finalized the Joint Work Plan on Conservation of Orangutans and Their Habitat. The document was signed by the Regent of Murung Raya Dr. Willy M. Yoseph and by BOSF CEO Dr. Jamartin Sihite.

Attending and witnessing the signing ceremony were the Secretary of Murung Raya Regency Drs. Herianson D. Silam in his capacity as the Head of Murung Raya Technical Cooperation Program, Murung Raya 2nd Assistant in Economy and Natural Resources Management Ir. Syahril Tarigan, the Head of Murung Raya Forestry Office Ir. Pahala Budiawan, the Head of Murung Raya Environment Office Drs. Ingatno, MP, BOSF Nyaru Menteng Program Manager Anton Nurcahyo, MA, and BOSF Nyaru Menteng Development Program Assistant Manager Denny Kurniawan.

The scope of the Joint Work Plan includes:
1.    Orangutan conservation program through rescue, release, and translocation of Bornean orangutans.
2.    Facilitation and implementation of conservation management of orangutans and their habitat through Best Management Practice (BMP) and natural resources management.
3.    Facilitation, socialization and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) on preventive measures and human-ape conflict management around orangutan release areas in the Murung Raya Regency.
4.    Encouraging the use of environmental services.
5.    Economic empowerment and welfare improvement.
6.    Facilitation and socialization on law enforcement for the conservation of orangutans and their habitat.
7.    Facilitating the establishment of orangutan conservation network within the Murung Raya Regency.
8.    Capacity building for community and local government officials on conservation education and research, as well as socialization and information dissemination on conservation of orangutans and their habitat.
9.    Publication, promotion and/or campaign, both in Indonesia and abroad, with emphasis on Murung Raya’s unique culture and natural resources/potentials.

The Regent of Murung Raya signed the Joint Work Plan

BOSF and the Regency of Murung Raya Joint Team

The document also further clarifies the support, roles and responsibility of each party. It is expected that the Joint Work Plan will guarantee the conservation management of orangutans and their habitat particularly in and around release areas, and will facilitate multi-stakeholder initiatives in developing conservation concept that can be implemented in harmony with economic development. The collaboration is also expected to boost community development activities and increase public support.

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