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The forest is home to a wide array of different and unique animal species: Some that tread the ground, others that circle the sky, and those that live in its waterways. A thriving forest environment is usually characterised by its rich biodiversity.

The beauty and distinct characteristics of many fauna and flora species in the forest are oftentimes part of a defence mechanism that protects them from the threat of predators, or part of their ability to hunt prey. The oriental whip snake (Ahaetulla prasina) is one such creature.

Ahaetulla prasina (Photo credit: Sion)

Ahaetulla prasina (Photo credit: Ardi)

Distinguished by its arrow-like pointed head, the oriental whip snake’s bright green colour helps it to camouflage in the leafy forest canopy and bushes. It is also easily identified by its long, slender body. While its venom is not very powerful and has little to no effect on humans, it is sufficient enough to weaken small prey.

The oriental whip snake can be found throughout Indonesia, where it is active in the trees during the day. It prefers lowland primary and secondary forests, plantation areas, and bushes. It feeds on small animals like frogs, birds, rodents, and other snakes.

Together, let’s protect the forest so that unique animals like the oriental whip snake can continue to thrive!

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