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The fasting month of Ramadhan is here for all Muslims around the globe, including for us at the BOSF Samboja Lestari. Fasting from dusk to dawn doesn’t usually affect our daily activities to care for orangutans.

However on the first day of Ramadhan, the Post-Release Monitoring (PRM) Team will be taken to a special and famous restaurant in Balikpapan to break their fast, as our gratitude for their relentless efforts during release preparation and also for their monitoring work.

Together with several BOSF staff, we headed to the destination. As we arrived, some technicians immediately took out their cell phones to take photos because the seaside restaurant is renowned with beautiful sceneries of the Makassar Strait. For some technicians, this was also the first time they came to this place. So while waiting for time to break the fast, they busied themselves taking pictures of the views.

The moment that they were waiting for finally came. It was time to break the fast. Their timid faces lit up and soon the place was filled with laughter. After eating, Aschta Boestani Tajudin and vet Agus Irwanto gave casual speeches to extend many thanks to the PRM Team for their passion and persistence, which after 10 years, had enabled us to release orangutans into their habitat.

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