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The BOS Foundation (BOSF) at Samboja Lestari was honored to welcome the visit of Japanese Ambassador, Mr. Yoshinori Katori with his wife, and his secretaries Mr. Masudi and Mr. Hibino on Sunday, June 12, 2012. The guests were greeted upon arrival by Jamartin Sihite, CEO of BOSF, and Aschta Boestani Tajudin as Samboja Lestari Program Manager.

At this opportunity, Mr. Katori showed his appreciation for all of BOSF activities in East Kalimantan, including orangutan rescue and rehabilitation. He was also very grateful to learn about the private sector's contribution in conservation particularly from Japanese companies like Bridgestone and NEC.

During the visit Mr. Katori and his entourage visited several facilities in Samboja Lestari, including the sun bear sanctuary, the orangutan islands, and the nursery. All visitors - especially Mrs. Katori - were very enthusiastic observing animals in sanctuaries and watching cute orangutan babies closely.

Later that day, Mr. and Mrs. Katori planted trees in front of Samboja Lestari's Office as a symbol of appreciation for reforestation efforts conducted by BOSF in East Kalimantan to restore critical lands. Mr. Katori promised to visit again to monitor the growth of the iron wood tree that he had planted.

Japanese Ambassador Mr. Yoshinori Katori

In the evening Mrs. Bungaran Saragih, accompanied by BOSF team, invited the Japanese Ambassador and his group to a lovely dinner, where they discussed BOSF activities and its collaboration with the Japanese government, institutions and companies. Several efforts in the past, such as returning 4 orangutans from Osaka in 2000 and a documentary of BOSF activities in East Kalimantan by NHK, had resulted in increased financial support from the Japanese community.

Mr. Katori hopes that he can continue making positive impacts by urging Japanese companies operating in Indonesia to support BOSF and raise more awareness within the Japanese community, particularly in the education sector.

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