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During a patrol last week in the Kehje Sewen Forest, our PRM team at Camp Lesik encountered several orangutans located not very far from the camp. Three beautiful females and one male were spotted enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of the forest.

The team had embarked on a patrol that day near the spring, about a 1-hour walk from the camp. There they saw Lesan perched up in a tree, observing her surroundings. The team got to work taking notes on Lesan’s movements every 2 minutes. Before one hour had passed, Lesan had already moved away through the trees.

Not long after that, the team noticed movements up the hill, not far from where they had first spotted Lesan. A team member carefully sneaked up and discovered the movements had come from Hamzah. The team then switched its focus to Hamzah, who was busy feeding.

The team ate lunch while observing Lesan and Hamzah, who were happily eating rambutan.

Not long after lunch, Sayang and Mona were seen joining Lesan in the same tree to eat rambutan. The three looked very comfortable together. Unfortunately, the sky turned dark as the rain set in: The four orangutans left the area one by one and moved deeper into the forest while the team returned to Camp Lesik.

Monitoring Lesan, Hamzah, Mona and Sayang (Photo credit: Awal)

Monitoring Lesan, Hamzah, Mona and Sayang (Photo credit: Bowo)

Monitoring Lesan, Hamzah, Mona and Sayang (Photo credit: Bowo)

Monitoring Lesan, Hamzah, Mona and Sayang (Photo credit: Bowo)

Mona and Sayang were the last two orangutans to move away together through the trees.

Observations on that day indicate that Lesan, Hamzah, Mona and Sayang appear to be in good health and spend a lot of their time up in the trees. Sayang, the first daughter of Yayang and the youngest in this group of four, continues to show positive developments in adapting well to her environment.

Keep living comfortably and happily in the Kehje Sewen Forest, Lesan, Hamzah, Mona and Sayang!

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